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Vietfamily, the leading manufacturing company of mosquito screen window and door in Vietnam


Mosquito screen doors are useful products to prevent mosquitoes and insects for the house. To buy an effective and reliable mosquito net door product, you need to find a reputable and professional supplier for this product. In Vietnam, the leading manufacturer of mosquito screen door products is Vietfamily.

1. Vietfamily develops products in all step from design to production, distribution and installation

Basing on company staffs with a lot of manufacturing experience, in order to develop the product with highest quality and lowest price, Vietfamily company's mosquito net products are designed and developed by ourselves. Each detailed part and component of the product is carefully calculated and designed by us to achieve the best performance and quality, as well as easy to manufacture, easy to install and maintain in use, therefore our product always meets all the criteria of good quality, good performance, good design and low price. We are doing in all step to be a product designer and developer, as well as a leading manufacturer and distributor of mosquito screen in Vietnam.

2. Manufacturing processes are strictly controlled to ensure good quality products

All steps in the production process of Vietfamily mosquito net door products are strictly quality controlled, as well as final quality check before shipment to ensure all our product are come to customers with the best quality. We are never stop to improve product quality by improve new designs, apply new processing technologies in order to make satisfaction for all customers.

3. Vietfamily company's mosquito net door product types

Currently, we are manufacturing and distributing mosquito net door product types including: Folding mosquito net door, Rolling mosquito net door, Sliding mosquito net door and fixed mosquito net frame.

The colors of the mosquito net door frame arre: white, gray, brown, wood grain color.

The size of Vietfamily mosquito net door products is customize depending on the size of the customer's order.

4. Contact information:

You are interested in our mosquito screen door products, please contact:

Vietfamily Manufacturing Joint Stock Company

Phone: +84.912.928.859

Email: trannguyenminh@hotmail.com

Contact person: Mr. Tran Nguyen Minh (Director)